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As Masks have been ordered by the governor of Ohio, we continue to recommend masks, but it is still your choice.  Not all of us recognize the science, or lack of science concerning face coverings.
THERE WILL BE NO JUDGEMENT HERE, and we will not turn anyone away without a mask.  We just ask that you be respectful of others, and if you wish not to wear a mask, then physical distance for the protection of others. but ake Cookies - we need 150 zip lock bags with two cookies each



In the age of COVID-19 , we have to adjust to the new normal.  Keeping ourselves safe becomes vitally important as we love and care for others around us.

StJC COVID-19 Prodical considering CDC Guidelines

We Ask you to consider the following as our safety measures.

1.  If you are not well, please stay home and use the our         LIVE alternative

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2.  Masks are strongly recommended, but not required.*

3.  Please Maintain Physical Distancing (CDC suggestions are 6 feet apart)  Consider this when sitting in the pews as give yourself 6 feet on both sides, and 6 feet front to back as well for your safety.

4.  Please Refrain from Physical Greetings such as hand shakes, hugs, etc.  Fist bumps, elbow bumps, air hugs permitted at the parishioners comfort level. b

5.  Please Wash you hands, and use the hand sanitizing stations

6.  Please Use the donation station, the plates will not be passed

7.  Use the front doors which are open.  The fellowship hall is not in use at this time.

*  Wearing Masks ARE a controversial, politically charged, and divisive topic

  • Mask can give us a false sense of security.  We are not safe at any age, in any place.  The  irus is all around us, and we must take steps, be cautious, and respectful 

  • It would be prudent to do our best to protect those around us who are more susceptible dur to age or underlying medical conditions.  Mask do very little to protect the one wearing the mask, however it does protect those who are around you by catching the large water droplets and the smaller water droplets known aerosols from sneezing, coughing, speaking, singing, etc.  Without a mask maintaining physical distancing can help with this as w well.

  • Looking at my personal responsibility to others and the command of Jesus to "love your neighbor as myself", may be a choice to wear a mask might be helpful.

  • Not wearing a mask may be keeping parishioners from attending services.  I know that I do not want to do anything that keeps people from attending church. 

  • Perhaps we should consider for those who are concerned.  If wearing a mask may make them more comfortable, and make them feel safer in our building, maybe I could put up with it, not based on what I think, but for the sake of others.

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